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 Since online poker game was initiated, so far it has registered a million players across the world. Additionally, many players are now betting online for fun and most important to earn a living. Rivalqq is one online betting site that has the best poker player as well as best gambling games. Here are some of the top online poker players in Asian betting sites:

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Isaac Baron has participated in among the best tournament in an online poker game and currently is widely known as the top online poker player in online gambling. Back in the year, 2007 was awarded as the online Card-Player of the year. In online poker betting, Isaac Baron has managed to win a grand prize of $3, 000,000 jackpots with 13 titles of the most famous online poker player.

Alex AJKHoosier1 Kamberis

Alex Kamberis is also among the top poker player who has so far earned $3,300,000. Alex Kamberis is definitely the best online poker player who began gambling back in 2006 after the biggest start of his carrier in 2007 where exploded with $2.8 million tournament winning. He was also awarded 2008 online poker player of the year.

Shaun Deeb

The current leader of the year in online Card Player is Shaun Deeb. In the previous several years he was also named among the top gamblers of the year. Recently, he managed to take $75,000 after securing the second position in PokerStars Super Tuesday. During his poker gaming carrier, he has so far accumulated over $2,000,000 tournament winning of 120 clashes and 20 titles.

Annette 15

Annette-15 has also made her name popular after participating in historical World Series of Online-Poker-Europe-Main Event in 2007. Besides the facts she has not qualified to participate in online poker tournaments in America, she still managed to generate an income of $3,400,000 during her online poker gaming carrier.

Kevin BeL0WaB0Ve Saul

Kevin Saul is still recognized among the most dominant players in a new poker gaming tournament. Kevin Saul made an early success after winning a grand prize of $1.3 million payouts during Bellagio Cup as well as WPT title in 2007. Kevin Saul, in conjunction with small tournament group players, started playing hyper-aggressive and dominate online poker event circuit few backs.

Job PearlJammer Turner

Jon Turner started his career with a humbler beginning in 2005 and 2007. Jon Turner is still known as the best online poker player who managed to achieve more than $2,000,000 in his live poker gaming tournament. Currently, he’s still ranked among the best poker players who have awarded online poker gambler of the year.


Currently, Steve Gross has been ranked in the second position in 2009 CardPlayer of the year. Steve Gross managed to ascend to the top of live poker world gaming after winning about $2000,000 in his career of online poker gaming. Just like rivalqq online, Steve Gross registered with the best online betting site worldwide.


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